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Moments Musicaux, the new Concerts Lachine podcast

Concerts Lachine is pleased to announce the launch of its podcast called Moments Musicaux. We have been seeking ways to keep in touch with you, our audience, but also with our artists and musical institutions. Consequently, we thought we would offer you a podcast series.

We hope that Moment Musicaux will entertain you, but also inform you about the state of our musical infrastructure in Quebec and abroad at a time of a pandemic

A French-language podcast that will include one English episode in three

Hosted by Richard Turp, our artistic director, Moments Musicaux offers you a first season of ten episodes. The podcast will be presented at a frequency of one program every two weeks. Obviously, our English-speaking friends will not be left out. One in three programs will be in English which will also allow us to receive guests who do not speak French.

Concerts Lachine · Moments Musicaux Épisode 0

How to listen and subscribe to Moments Musicaux

You can listen to them and more importantly, subscribe to your favourite podcast application. Either click on the link or search us out on the following platforms. Search and find ‘Concerts Lachine’ or ‘Moments musicaux’. Once you are a subscriber, you will automatically receive the latest episode.

The concept of Moments Musicaux is simple

It is an hour-long musical magazine. Each episode will consist of musical performances, either recorded for the magazine or live, in addition to interviews with personalities from the musical world in Quebec and abroad.


There will also be a segment devoted to the field of musical education and another which will feature the archives of the Saint-Anges en musique series. And of course, we will also have some surprises in store for you!

Concerts Lachine cares about its audience and artists

These days we all tend to lose touch with our extensive musical family and its musicians. We envision this series of programs as musical gatherings, but also a source of joy, information, and musical discoveries.

This is our first episode, and, obviously, the project will evolve over time. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to us.

Thank you and happy listening