Developing a Rich Vocal Interpretation: Aliyah Mitchell’s Journey at the Schulich School of Music and Beyond

Aliyah Mitchell Riche, a majoring student at the Schulich School of Music, is thrilled about her inaugural participation at l’Academie vocale de Lachine. Eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work with a multitude of coaches, she is particularly interested in courses that focus on diction, aimed at augmenting the musicality of her performances.

Aliyah emphasizes the pivotal role of articulate diction in uplifting the musicality as intended by the composer, highlighting specific challenges that French and Italian diction present.

In addition, she acknowledges the noteworthy influence of different periods and regional nuances that various languages carry. The in-depth knowledge offered by the coaches, she believes, will add immense value to her learning process.

In summary, Aliyah is enthusiastic about honing her skills and expertise in vocal performance under the seasoned guidance of coaches at l’Academie vocale de Lachine.

Pianist Chloé Dumoulin: Harmony and Camaraderie at the Lachine International Vocal Academy

Young pianist Chloé Dumoulin transports us into the enriching universe of the Lachine International Vocal Academy.

Chloé praises her mentors, teachers, and vocal coaches, for their monumental influence. She explains that this camaraderie between the pianist and the singer paints a harmonic picture.

The text breathes a poetic storyline into the music, while the instrument reveals to the singer the essence of harmonies, texture, and ambiance.

Maxence Ferland’s Creative Process: The Importance of Historical, Linguistic, and Lexical Research in the Art of Singing

Maxence Ferland, a classical singing student at McGill, talks about his participation in the Lachine International Vocal Academy for the third consecutive year. He expresses his enthusiasm for the diversity of musical genres they explore, such as opera, French melody, lied, oratorio, and even baroque.

Maxence also reveals his love for French melody and German lied, emphasizing the intimacy he feels with the audience when performing these musical genres.

He explains that when he starts working on a piece, he devotes a significant amount of his time to the historical research related to it, whether it be on a historical, linguistic, or lexical level. He is convinced that this research is essential for a singer, constituting the very heart of his work.

Aneska Diament’s Illuminating Journey at the Lachine International Vocal Academy

Aneska Diament, a radiant young soprano, introduces us to the Lachine International Vocal Academy, a haven of music spanning two weeks, merging passion and instruction.

Under the tutelage of inspired teachers, hailing from both Europe and here, she explores the subtleties of lyrical art. Her beloved piece, “Oh! Quante Volte” by Bellini, depicts the freedom, strength, and fragility of Juliet.

Hubert Paré: A Voice Born from the Video Game Universe to Classical Opera

Hubert Paré, a virtuoso of classical singing, is currently studying at McGill University. He shares the captivating story of his introduction and love for lyrical singing. His journey is unusual, his love for singing having been sparked by his passion for video games. Hubert emphasizes that the video game world frequently draws from the allure of classical music to create its background scores.

It was by humming these melodies that Hubert revealed a voice of such beauty that his parents were quick to encourage him to take singing lessons.

When he mentions his favorite composer, Franz Schubert, a special glimmer lights up his gaze. An excerpt from the work Die Winterreise, entitled Die Nebensonnen, holds a cherished place in his heart. He describes this composition as a deep and dark introspection, a mirror of the frustrations and disappointments that marked Schubert’s life. The interpretation of this piece is no small feat for Hubert. He must dive into the depths of his own dark experiences, an emotional journey that deeply moves him.