« The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own. » –Benjamin Disraeli

From June 19th to July 2nd 2019, the second edition of the International vocal academy of Lachine will take place at the historic Chapel of the Congregation Sisters of Ste-Anne. The first edition in 2018 reached a tremendous success: one of the singers describing his experience as “life-changing”! The Academy program has established itself as a world-level development class since its first year.

The program allows to young vocal artists to develop the essentials aspects of their trade through intensive work, in a constructive and competition-free atmosphere. Individual vocal classes are included in a daily program combining coaching sessions that focus on linguistic improvement and performing practices. There will be master classes (including one open to the public), sessions for career orientation and career management. This custom-made program for vocal artists aims to be competition-free, energy-filled taking place in a charming settings.

Public concerts

Master class open to public, Thursday June 27th at 7:00 PM, at the Entrepôt, 2901, boul. Saint-Joseph, Lachine.

Closing concert, Tuesday June 2nd at 1:45 PM, at the Marie-Anne Blondin Room of Maison mère des Soeurs de Sainte-Anne, 1950 Provost Street, Lachine, QC H8S 1P7.



Carol-Ann Fraser


Guillaume Beaudoin (McGill : John McMaster) : tenor

Sébastien Comtois (McGill / John MacMaster) : tenor

Lindsay Connelly (McGill : Joanne Kolomyjec) : mezzo

Geneviève Dompierre Smith (CMM / Aline Kutan) : soprano

Jonathan Gagné (McGill / John MacMaster) : tenor

Bahar Harandi (CMM / Donna Brown) : soprano

Klara Martel Laroche (CMM / Adrienne Savoie) : soprano

Karin Mobacke (Suède) : soprano

*Veronica Pollicino (NY)

Samuel Tremblay (CMM / Donna Brown) : baryton

Justin Swanson (McGill/ Stefano Algieiri) : tenor

Thomas Vinals Castonguay (CMM / Donna Brown) : tenor

Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal

Scott Brooks, bass-baritone

Vanessa Croome, soprano

Nathan Keough, baritone

Rose Naggar-Tremblay, mezzo-soprano

Andrea Nunez, soprano

Rocco Rupalo, tenor


Hakim Boudaa (from CMM)

Alexis Gingras (CMM / Richard Raymond)

Rosane Lajoie (CMM / Suzanne Goyette)

Jerome de los Santos (McGill University)


Teachers include Lena Hellström-Färnlöf (professor and director of Mälardalen University in Sweden), Liz Upchurch (United Kingdom, vocal coach, Canadian Opera Company),  French baritone François LeRoux (professor, Conservatoire national de Paris), Wolfgang Holzmair (Austrich, baritone and professor, Mozarteum, Salzburg), Olivier Godin (vocal coach, Conservatoire de musique de Montréal) and renewed collaboration with Chantal Lambert (Director, Atelier lyrique) as well as the program director and artistic director at Concerts Lachine, Richard Turp. A fabulous team for its musical quality, pedagogical capabilities and human touch.